Greetingly is a Video message platform to get personalized video greetings from your favourite celebrity and star. You can place a request with your message to us for a celebrity Greeting video using our website. To make a Greeting request, open the Greetingly website, select your favourite celebrity, type your message and make the payment.

You will receive the completed video in the "My Greetings section" of the GREETINGLY Account. You will also receive a downloadable video link to the email you provided during sign up. You can also download/share video from the website itself.

The price of a GREETING is set individually by the celebrity, and therefore the price will range depending on who you choose to get the Greeting from! Celebrities can change their pricing at any time but you will only be charged the price that is shown when you make the request.

Greeting requests are perfect for any occasion! Want to wish your friend Happy Birthday? Wish your parents happy anniversary? Wish best of luck to your child for the board exams? Or just hear from your favourite celebs? Greeting is a perfect way to make your loved one's day - more special. As long as the request is acceptable, the celebrity will be happy to complete your Greeting!

Celebrities are usually busy and hence it can take them some time before they can complete your order. This pre-notice time period that is showcased on celebrity's profile is called the lead time i.e. number of days taken by every celeb to complete the Greeting. In case the Greeting is not completed within the lead time, it will automatically expire and a refund will be issued.

You can check the status of your Greeting request by going to Profile -> My Greetings section.

It is possible that the celebrity has recorded the Greeting but hasn't uploaded it. Hence in this case a refund will not be possible. For more info on refunds, you can check out our refund policy.

It is possible that the celebrity hasn't uploaded, but already made the video, in this case, it will not be possible to update or edit it. If the celebrity has uploaded or made the video, we can definitely look at requesting the celebrity to make a change - however this is a very rare event. You will have to write an email to us with the changes to confirm the possibility in this situation

You can check the app/website and it will show all the available celebrities. Sometimes pop notifications will be sent when fresh celebrities are added onto our platform. You can follow our facebook/Instagram page to stay updated.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that a Greeting request will be completed as it depends on the celebrity. It is up to the celebrity to accept your request and create the video. However, if your request is not fulfilled or gets expired, we will refund you the full amount and suggest you to try again at a later date.

Celebrity usually completes the Greeting requests.In some cases, your Greeting request will be rejected if there is inappropriate content or will damage the celeb's image. Celebs don't complete such requests which they find inappropriate and reject the same. In this case too, we will refund you the full amount.

If your Greeting request has been expired/rejected you can always request another Greeting from the celeb. Your amount will be refunded to you for incomplete Greeting.

You will receive the amount in the same account from which you have paid for the Greeting request.

We currently only allow 1 request at a time per celebrity. This is because celebrities are usually very busy and there are so many different people requesting Greetings. We need to do this to ensure that maximum customers are satisfied.